3rd Annual Fairy House Event


Last Saturday was a spectacular sight, Pine Banks Park was filled with fairies! The Fairy House Event hosted by Ward 5 Councillor Barbara Murphy was a huge success and so many wonderful fairies came out and took part in the event, either building houses or participating in one of the many activities available. Whether it was face painting, house building, or dancing to the beautiful live flute music that was played in the background of the event, each child had a magical and unique experience! However, the magic wasn’t limited to just kids, plenty of adults joined in the fun either dressing up or building a fairy house themselves. Mayor Gary Christenson was also in attendance as well as State Representative Paul Brodeur and were able to interact with and talk to some of the children there about how they designed their houses. All in all it was a fantastic and whimsical event that promoted creativity in children and allowed the residents of Malden, Melrose, and the surrounding areas to explore and interact with nature.