Important Changes to the Reservation Process


Pine Banks Park has changed the way in which we take reservations and requests for our fields and picnic areas.

We are using a new web-based software platform to more efficiently manage the permitting process.  The new system will require that everyone have a username and password.  Before being able to make a request or reservation, you will be prompted to create this account.  For individuals, you would choose the “household” option, and for organizations or groups, you would choose the “organization” option.  

Visit to create an account. 

Picnic reservations can be made starting April 1st.

For those looking for picnic site reservations:

-There is no longer the need for “requesting” a picnic site, you will instead be able to BOOK your site based on availability.  Sites 4 and 5 will be available from 10am-6pm and site B1 will be available from 12pm-6pm, Monday-Sunday in two hour blocks.  The picnic sites will be available from May 1-October 31 of each year.

-There will be a fee associated with booking picnic sites, which will be $20 per two hour block.  Payment will be all online via credit card, and permits will only be issued after checkout.  

For those looking for field reservations:

-The process will still require requesting of dates and times.  Permits will be issued after being reviewed by staff to ensure availability.  Cost for fields vary, all information regarding pricing is available on each field’s description.  Depending on the situation, you will receive an email either with a permit and invoice, or a denial of request.