Bat Boxes and Benches


A local named Aidan from Eagle Scout troop 109 and LOTS of helpers completed the two beautiful benches and four bats boxes that now sit up at the pond in Pine Banks Park. The four bat boxes give our little nocturnal friends an “official” place to live and to feed on pesky little bugs like mosquitos. Below is Aidan’s description of the project:

“The project was to improve the environment surrounding the pond at Pine Banks. The plan was to build four bat boxes, two benches, clean the area, and re-stain the existing benches. The project began early July and involved 300 hours of planning and doing the work. Before starting the work it was accepted the council for the Boston area. First, members from my troop, Troop 109, and I re-stained the existing the benches and cleaned up the area surrounding the pond. Then I got to working on building the benches and bat boxes. The hardest part of the project was finding people who could spare some time to help. The purpose of a bat box is to reduce the increasing mosquito population and to help the endangered bat species in this environment. Each bat box can fit around 100-200 bats, and there are four bat boxes. Next, we worked on the benches. The benches will allow more people to sit by the pond.  I’d like to thank my troop and troop leaders, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Kezer, my family, and carpenters John, João, and Edson.” 


If you have a chance please stop by the pond and look up … they are secured on the trees!