A Dog Park in Pine Banks?!?


Yep it’s official, sometime next year Pine Banks will be home to a brand new dog park! Work for the park has already started and we at Pine Banks and those who are working with us on this project are making headway by clearing the area needed for the park. The park will be nearly one acre in size, and will be divided into two sections – one for just smaller breeds and another area for all dog breeds and sizes. Lots of research has already been done by our team in order to maximize the usage of the space and to make sure that our dog park will be a great place for the canines who visit Pine Banks. The driving cause behind this new build? We realized that a lot of people who come to Pine Banks are dog owners and enjoy walking their dogs in the park but we currently don’t have an area that is appropriate for dogs to do their business and we want owners to be more inclined to pick up after their dogs. Also, a rule at Pine Banks when it comes to dogs is that they have to be on a leash, so we wanted to create a place where dogs are able to walk without a leash. While the park is in very early stages we are looking for volunteers to help form a dog park support group, as the new park will be adding a considerable amount of activity to an already bustling public facility. The group will ideally help the staff by being the eyes and ears of the dog park – helping to promote and enforce the rules amongst owners, monitoring park safety conditions, etc. If interested, please send an email [email protected] for more information. While we at Pine Banks are excited to have this new area available we want to make it clear that certain rules, which will be posted clearly, need to be followed when using the park so that every human and dog that comes to the park will be able to fully enjoy it.