Dog Park Update


On a quick stop by Pine Banks Park today to look at the progress on the new dog park I ran into Mark Heimlich. Heimlich owns Heimlich Landscaping and Construction, which is the company doing the work for the dog park. The word from Heimlich, John Vancor and Jeff Nangle is that the area is compacting more than anticipated, which in layman’s terms means we’re making good progress! Heimlich only had great things to say about the Park, and both cities for working so hard to make it as nice as it is. The expectation is that there will be a 1’ cover across the area by Friday, which will sit for a while to allow the material to settle. We’re very excited to see all the work that is being done and can’t wait to continue to share with the community how the project is going! We also want to still encourage residents of both Malden and Melrose to volunteer to help form a dog park support group, as it will be adding a considerable amount of activity to an already bustling public facility. The group will ideally help the staff by being the eyes and ears of the dog park – helping to promote and enforce the rules amongst owners, monitoring park safety conditions, etc. If interested, please send an email [email protected] for more information.