Enjoy the Sunny Days


The weather this month has been pretty sporadic, a nor’easter one day and then a beautiful sunny day the next. However, that doesn’t stop the wildlife at Pine Banks Park from enjoying the beautiful days when they come. The other day I took a walk through the park and was greeted with both ducks and geese gliding across the pond. They were incredibly friendly and came close enough for me to get some good pictures of their beautiful plumages. Also enjoying the nice weather were people out walking their dogs and a young man with his little girl. It was lovely to see people back at the park again after all of the snow!

I want to encourage everyone to head out on the nice days and take a walk through Pine Banks Park. Getting some fresh air and taking a look at the beautiful nature that we’re so lucky to have right near us is really refreshing. Also, spring is heading our way which means longer days and better weather! Stop by our track and fields as well to catch a game or two since spring sports are coming quickly! Cheer on your home team or maybe use the track yourself as I saw people doing the other day. It’s a great way to just be outside and enjoy the great weather while we have it.