Enjoying October 2020


Fall is just starting to show its colors at Pine Banks Park, and if you’re needing a break from work and school indoors, definitely take a visit just to look at the trees. The familiar oranges and reds never get old, and one step back on our trials secluded from the busyness of daily life is a huge refresher.¬†Though we are all still experiencing COVID-19, taking a walk in the crisp fall air, following COVID guidelines of course, is a way to still feel connected to life and the world in a physical way. We would love people to come visit and experience the park as close to normal as possible, especially with the change in the season. We’re also trying to keep the spirit of the season, you’ll notice there are Halloween decorations around the park entrance including spiders, ghosts and skeletons getting people ready for the spooky season! Pine Banks Park is happy to try and offer itself as a place of reprieve from stress and enjoyment of the season so please be sure to take a stop by.