Fairies at Pine Banks Park!?!?


It’s that time of year again, when the fairies come back to Pine Banks Park! Last year’s Fairy House event hosted by ward Councilor Barbara Murphy was a complete success and this year is another chance to build a house so more fairies come to visit Pine Banks! The event is on August 26th from 12-4. However if you want to get a head start individuals and groups are welcome to enter pre-built houses which will be will be entered into a contest and be part of the Fairy House Walk. If you would like to pre-build a house contact Councillor Barbara Murphy at [email protected]. For some inspiration on how to design your house this year, or for an idea of what the event is like, below is an article from last year as well as a video and other pictures from the City of Malden:

Fairy House Festival & Story Time with Library Director

The 2nd Annual Fairy House Event at Pine Banks Park