Field Hockey Mornings


Pine Banks Park is always busy with something, especially during the summer. One of the great things about the park having so many fields is it gives both Malden and Melrose sports teams a place to play games or host practices. FieldHockey is just one example of the sports that we have being played on our fields and even though it’s not in season yet, kids from both Malden and Melrose high school are already practicing in the early summer mornings to prepare for the fall. This Field Hockey clinic is a great opportunity for those just starting out in the sport. The older, more experienced players, while brushing up on their own skills, are able to teach the newcomers to the sport the best way to play the game. While the Field Hockey itself is taught and managed at the high school by an adult coach, the entire summer clinic is orchestrated by the students especially the captains. It’s great watching these students take initiative with a program like this and helping others work to become better at a sport they’re so passionate about. This is just a small glimpse into the great sports culture that we have in Malden and Melrose. Pine Banks Park is always happy to be the host of both practices and games for both cities and we love cheering on our home teams.

That being said, as I mentioned in the previous post, Prime Day is coming up for Amazon Prime owners and we’ve been lucky enough to be part of that this year. Which means when you click THIS LINK , all of your shopping on Prime Day will benefit Pine Banks Park as well. So that means we can continue to keep the park in excellent condition for both sports teams and sports fans, for those who just walk the park and for those who play in the play ground. If you’re interested in learning more click here to see the previous article or just go back to the News page and scroll to the article about Prime┬áDay (which is July 17th).




Field Hockey Clinic Pictures