New Trees Planted and Fall Returns to Pine Banks Park


Even though this weather feels like the middle of winter, with a little snow to boot, fall is still in full effect! Pine Banks Park is a great place to witness the changing foliage and experience the vibrancy of turned leaves. And just as these well established trees are getting ready for the colder months, we’re also introducing some new ones planted right near the dog park! Hopefully next fall or some future fall they’ll follow suit and add to the beautiful orange and red that we’ve come to expect each season. Fall is also the perfect time to take dogs to our dog park or take a walk with kids or even just stroll by yourself and enjoy the crisp autumn air. As winter is coming soon make sure to get outside, come to Pine Banks, and enjoy the picturesque scenery before the leaves completely fall. If you stop by and take a picture and post it to Instagram, make sure to tag us in the photo or use the hashtag #pinebanks (or add us as the location) if you want us to repost it.