Pine Banks Park in the Fall


November is upon us and fall is in full swing! One of the great parts about Pine Banks Park having so many trees is that it’s gorgeous to watch the seasons change and see the leaves turn all sorts of colors. Being surrounded by the peaceful transition that nature goes through each year is blissful and the park acts as a wonderful little getaway from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Even just taking a moment to sit by the pond and watch the ducks flit to and fro on its surface. Or climbing to the top of the big rocks on either side of the playground and for a moment feeling so far away from the realities of life that lie below, looking over trees as if you’re in a brand new place. Or climbing through trails of towering trees and breathing in air full of pine, and fresh hope, and natural smells separate from the ones of the city. Sometimes it’s nice to have a place like that, a little getaway.

If you’re looking to be a bit more social, there are still games going on in the fields if you check the Field Calendar on our website. Either meet someone new or bring a friend or two to watch Rugby games, Youth football, or Soccer games. You never know what might peak your interest. Or if a game isn’t going on down by the field with the track, you can always use it to take a stroll around or play a fun game of soccer or football. When the weather begins to get colder sometimes we forget or feel less motivated to stay active, but being outside in the fresh air can usually help to motivate people to get moving. Also, feel free and invite friends and family as a way of not only getting good exercise but spending time with those you care about which makes being active a whole lot easier and more fun.

All in all Pine Banks Park has a lot to offer, no matter the season. Even though December feels like it’s still pretty far away don’t forget that even when it begins to snow there are fun things happening at Pine Banks. Santa’s house is nearly finished and he’ll be visiting the park sometime near Christmas so be sure to plan ahead to stop by and say hello! We hope to see you there or just enjoying the natural beauty that the park offers us amidst our busy lives!