Santa at Pine Banks Park!!!



The 16th and 17th of December were two exciting days for us here at Pine Banks Park, because Santa finally came for a visit! He kindly took a break from his hard work at the North Pole to listen to all the little boys and girls who waited to see him. The line was long, but Santa took his time with each and every one of them. Plus he, Councillor Barbara Murphy and Santa’s helpers from Ward 5 (along with our staff) gave cookies, hot chocolate and candy canes to all the children in line. Many little boys and girls asked for things like a Barbie Dreamhouse or a new remote control car and one little girl asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Santa told her that making everyone happy is his favorite Christmas gift (although he appreciates his new house at Pine Banks). We can’t wait for Santa to come back next year and want to thank him for all his hard work not just these two days but all year round!