Is Santa Coming Back to Pine Banks Next December?!?!


UPDATE: Santa will be back to visit his brand new workshop on December 16th and 17th from 3-6 pm! He will be here taking pictures and listening to the final requests from all who visit. If you are from the area, you already know how special this event is. If you are new to the area, please come and start a new tradition with your family!

It may be the middle of Summer but we at Pine Banks Park already have Christmas on our minds as the old Santa House has been taken down. Some of our staff members managed to catch photos of the house being taken down but almost as if by magic it was gone before we knew it. Of course we were all very concerned, did this mean that Santa didn’t want to come back next December? But if he didn’t want to come back then why did he leave behind one of his sleighs? In order to better understand what was going on Pine Banks Superintendent Andrew Walsh sent a letter to the North Pole asking Santa why the house was gone. This was Santa’s reply:


As soon as Andrew received Santa’s letter he knew he had to begin the construction of Santa’s new house. Even though it’s still summer he already has figured out a great plan for what Santa’s new house will look like and he promises that Santa will return to Pine Banks Park even more jolly than before!