Sitting by the Pond


On a recent trip to Pine Banks Park, I decided to stop by the pond and take a few pictures. It was a lovely breezy day and because of that I spent a lot of time just sitting and watching the wildlife around me. One of the most fantastic sights, although I had to wait a bit to see it, was an incredible bird. The Blue Heron. Native to the New England area, although this one might’ve been easy to mistake for a Tri-Colored Heron since it didn’t look very blue, this creature calmly standing at the waters edge took my breath away. As I edged closer to the bird, I managed to get clearer pictures and its distinctive yellow eyes is what gave away its true identity as a Blue Heron. It occurred to me that my inability to notice it initially and my difficulty in confirming its identity might’ve been because of adaptation based upon its location. The gray feathers that covered it helped the bird camouflage with the trees that ran along the ponds edge. But soon it noticed my presence and flew to the other side of the water, it’s wingspan wide and it’s flight so quick that I couldn’t move fast enough to capture it. Therefore, I encourage others to go out and look for this magnificent bird and to go see all this for yourself. Not only was I captivated with the Blue Heron, but the other creatures that reside in the pond took my attention as well. The small frogs that live in the shallow waters of the pond. Making tiny ripples on the surface, dashing away with only the water trail left behind. Or strange colored dragonflies, blue and white, darting through the air. Or a tiny turtle basking in the sun then slipping away off it’s rock into the murky waters below. Sometimes it’s nice, to be surrounded by this nature, to watch these creatures live and breathe and to realize that our world is an amazing place.