Summer Days at the Park


We’re in the thick of summer with these 90 degree days, baseball games, and long-lasting daylight. As the world begins to open up again we’re so pleased to see more and more people returning to Pine Banks Park. Whether just to sit by the pond and watch the ducks waddle, to laugh and play with your children at the playground, or take a brisk jog around the track, its heart-warming to see people using the park again for their enjoyment. Bring a picnic lunch and reserve one of our picnic sites, grab a soccer ball and play a game on the field, or come watch a fun rugby match (check the events calendar here). Summer, especially after such a hard year, is a great time to make sweet, long-lasting memories. We want to help our community make those memories with their loved ones and are happy to provide a space for these precious moments here at Pine Banks Park.