The Park in Bloom


The flowers are all in bloom now that spring is fully underway! And the days are, mostly, beautiful to go for walks through the park (although we live in New England so you never know). These pictures are from a day where I decided to take a walk through Pine Banks and just see the flora and fauna. After all, we are so fortunate to be able to live near a park that acts like a little slice of the wilderness. For a second, you can step away and feel like you’re in a completely different world. A place away from the city, a place where you can just be at peace.

Besides looking at the flowers and the animals in the park, I also spent some time in the playground. In the middle of the week in the late morning when no one is around, it’s nice to spend a little time on the swings or climbing the giant rocks. I hope that some of you readers come out and see some of these flowers and animals in person because these pictures won’t ever compare to the beauty of what they look like in reality. Also, spend a little time in the playground, bring your kids or just have some fun on your own. After all, you’re never to old to be on a swing.


Flora & Fauna