Former Mayor Elisha S. Converse left a 107.5 acre estate to the cities of Melrose and Malden in 1905 to be jointly used “forever as a public park” and managed by a nonprofit corporation comprised of a seven-member board of trustees from the two cities and a descendant of the Converse family. The will also stipulated that both cities must share equally in the cost of maintaining Pine Banks Park.

Board of Trustees

  • C. Henry Kezer, President
  • Richard R. Burns, Jr.
  • Peter M. Carroll
  • John Lynch
  • Richard C. Rudolph (provisional-at-large), Representative of Converse Family
  • Mayor Gary Christenson (Ex Officio), Malden
  • Mayor Jennifer Grigoraitis


  • Frank Celone, Mechanic/Skilled Laborer
  • Russell Kezer, Skilled Laborer
  • John Wright, Skilled Laborer
  • Jim Hill, Comptroller